Proven Ethical Business Leader

Committed to a
Better Conroe

Committed to a better Conroe.

I am David Hairel, thanking you for electing me to the seat on
Place 1, Conroe City Council.

When my family entered Conroe in 1981, the city sign read “Population 18,326”!  Today, we have over 104,000 people in the city limits of our city. This kind of growth requires a realistic and knowledgeable approach to the challenges of a growing city – infrastructure, city services, preservation of trees, diversity, wise financial planning, and moving forward instead of looking back. The citizens of Conroe deserve the wisest and best leadership possible.

Since being elected as Chairman of the Board of the Conroe Industrial Development Cooperation in January 2024, I have had the opportunity to examine the alarming financial situation thrust upon our city by the poor decision to build and own a hotel and convention center.

As a proven, ethical business leader, I bring exceptional problem-solving skills, a sound and conservative financial foundation, and an unquestionable moral character to serve the citizens of Conroe.

David Hairel for Conroe

  Proven, Ethical Business Leader 

  Exceptional Problem Solver 

  Visionary With Positive Results 

  Unquestionable moral character

  Financial Conservative 

  Tough But Fair Decision Maker 

  Chairman of the Board- Conroe Industrial Development Corporation

  Retired CEO- Hairel Enterprises Inc.
*I will honor my oath of office and never create a conflict of interest with the City of Conroe. 

  President- Crighton Theatre Foundation

  Advisory Board Member of the following-
Baylor University Truett Seminary, Lone Star College LET Workforce, Conroe Main Street Operational, and Conroe Performing Arts Center

  Baylor University Graduate

Leadership. Experience. Values.


Why I'm Running

I am running for City Councilman, Position 1 because I am a concerned citizen, willing to invest my own time, energy, and money to serve and improve the beautiful city of Conroe.

Priorities for Conroe

Restore Financial Accountability

Cut Unnecessary Spending

Conroe’s “credit card” is maxed out largely due to the “City’s worst decision ever” to build the CITY OWNED HOTEL; costing $150 million dollars….so far! The city’s total indebtedness is $700 million dollars with only an estimated income of $314 million dollars. I have the knowledge and experience to address these issues.

Lead with Experience

None of my opponents have my experience of completing  projects in 15 states. I and my team have sat at the table as major contractors in over $1.4 billion dollars of projects, both public and private.

Reduce Debt

I will lead the City from “living off credit” to a healthier financial status….. We must immediately reduce City spending!

Grow City Revenue

Grow Business Community

As the newly elected CIDC Board Chair, I will hold the staff and board accountable to attract and produce new business which will increase revenue for the City of Conroe.

A Better Conroe

  • Address water issues
  • Encourage increased senior citizens’ water rate exemption.
  • Preserve trees
  • Increase lot sizes
First Responders
  • Wider residential roads for increased First Responders’ access.
  • Police and Fire Fighters will have the needed resources to do their job. I will always place citizens’ safety first.
The Arts

Continued support for Conroe’s  vibrant Arts Community

Professional Profile

  • CIDC Chairman of the Board
  • CEO + President
  • Community Leader
  • Family Values

The Conroe Industrial Development Corporation is operated under the supervision of the Conroe City Council and acts to promote economic development by attracting new and expanded businesses to the city. Currently, approximately 5,000 individuals are employed by companies within the CID’s two business park. These companies have added a value of over $1billion-dollars to Conroe’s property tax roll.

I was appointed to the board by Conroe City Council and elected Chairman at my first meeting in January 2024. Since then, I have had the opportunity to examine in detail the alarming financial situation thrust upon Conroe by the “City’s worst ever financial decision” to build and fund a $150 million-dollar hotel and convention center.

The challenge of balancing Conroe’s indebtedness against its revenues compelled me to run for City Council.

For the past thirty years I have been CEO and President of Hairel Enterprises, Inc., a nationally recognized professional audio, video and lighting contracting company doing projects in fifteen states.  These projects include an NBA Sports Arena, World Class Museums, Worship Facilities, Professional Performing Arts Centers, and University Facilities.

You have experienced my company’s work if you have watched the Rockets on TV, sat in a suite at Toyota Center, explored the Wiess Energy Exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, enjoyed a performance at Hobby Center, or worshipped at any of the largest churches in Conroe and Southeast Texas. I and my team have sat at the table as a major contractor in $1.4 billion dollars’ worth of projects, both public and private.

    • After years of producing and directing countless performances, attending live productions as our favorite entertainment and, of course, building theatres, serving the Crighton was a natural fit for me. I have been on the Crighton Theatre Foundation Board for 18 years, serving as President for 11 years. In that time, we have preserved the Foundation’s original intentions for performing arts , strengthened the board with exceptional leadership and added the lovely Woodforest Lobby.I am proud to serve as either a board member or an advisor for the following:
      • Baylor University Truett Seminary
        • Created the David and Debbie Hairel Endowed Scholarship
      • Lone star College LET Workforce,
      • Conroe Mainstreet Operational Committee
      • Conroe Performing Arts Center Committee

After completing an undergraduate degree at Baylor University and a master’s degree at Southwestern Theological Seminary I served several churches, including First Baptist Conroe, as Worship Pastor. It was my joy to lead over 500 volunteers and participants to produce large seasonal programs and pageants as well as leading in weekly worship and ministry.

My wife Debbie is also a graduate of Baylor University and holds a master’s degree from Sam Houston. She and I raised our two children in Conroe while she taught music at Sam Houston Elementary and later at Geisinger Elementary where she started the annual tradition of “The Nutcracker” Fourth Grade Performance.  In more recent years, Debbie was a founding board member of Journey Home, Montgomery County’s only current maternity home.

We have two adult children and two grandsons, all residing in Texas.

Debbie and I are active member with leadership roles at the Harvest Community of the Woodlands Methodist Church.

About David

Chicago Law School and civil rights attorney

While openness and accountability are usually considered cornerstones of a democratic system, the act of casting a vote and the content of a voter’s ballot are usually an important exception. The secret ballot is a relatively modern development.

Majored in Political Science

Law School and Civil Rights Attorney

Director of the Developing Communities

Deputy Attorney General Media Project

Majored in Political Science

Law School and Civil Rights Attorney

Director of the Developing Communities

Deputy Attorney General Media Project

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